6 Most Peaceful Beaches in the World

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Unless your profession is a professional surfer or scuba diver, a relaxing day at the beach is quite rare in your everyday life.
Therefore, a beach vacation is one of the best choices for you to completely relax, and here are 6 of the most peaceful beaches, based on global tourist reviews.

Mangawhai, New Zealand

Mangawhai Estuary on a sunny morning

Although the South Island of New Zealand is one of the world’s most famous destinations for adrenaline junkies, don’t let that stop you from coming here if you want a relaxing beach vacation. The town of Mangawhai in Port Mangawhai has one of the most peaceful beaches. You can choose between a surfing beach or a gentle bay suitable for swimming, or rent a boat to go out to sea and enjoy the scenery. Spend a relaxing morning on the beach, and then enjoy brunch at Bennetts (a café with a Mediterranean style, with a breezy veranda and delicious gelato ice cream) located in the town. Tall Trees B&B has bedrooms with views of the quiet patio and beautifully trimmed garden.

Chao Lao Beach, Thailand

Chao Lao Beach is quite remote, so it is still unspoiled

Located near the Cambodia border, the wide golden sand and gentle waves of Chao Lao Beach bring a much more relaxing and authentic feeling compared to other modern beach resorts in Thailand. You can spend a few days swimming, sunbathing, enjoying the delicious mixed raw seafood salad with fresh chili and lime, or walking along the trails through the pristine mangrove forests here. Baan Vitamin Sea, which is highly rated, has a private beach for tourists to relax even better.

Santa Fe, Philippines

The only transportation you’ll see on the island is bicycles.

Santa Fe is a small town located in the southern part of Bantayan Island, one of the Philippines’ most gentle tropical paradises. Almost all of the transportation you’ll see here is children riding bicycles around. Friendly localssmooth white sand, and rustic beach huts with lanterns casting a gentle light create an unforgettable sunset scene. If you want to stay in a place with the natural beauty of a beach hut with the comfort and luxury that a high-end hotel room provides, try choosing Amihan Beach Cabanas.

Varca, India

Varca is a traditional fishing village located in southern India.

Varca is a fishing village in Goa, with boats lined up along the long coastline and fresh seafood as a daily staple for the locals. You can order the typical Goan fish and coconut curry, served in a wooden house nestled among swaying palm trees and overlooking the sea. The beach is also quite peaceful with no street vendors and the town is a place where colorful houses are nestled among trees, coconut palms, and mangoes. Just a short distance from the beach, Majestic Beach Comfort has cabins with private beaches, bathrooms, and air conditioning, as well as an outdoor pool where you can sip on cocktails and watch the magnificent sunset.

Monterrico, Guatemala

Watch the slow-moving baby turtles head out to sea at Monterrico Beach.

The small beach town of Monterrico usually attracts visitors from July to October, when they can watch the slow-moving baby turtles head out to sea after hatching. But even during turtle season, this place is still much quieter compared to other tropical paradise beaches. With its majestic volcano backdrop, gray sand beaches, and large waves, this is a peaceful and unique place. Located just a short walk from the natural reserve where you can interact with baby turtles, Dos Mundos Pacific Resort also has a private beach and outdoor pool.

Oxnard, USA

Enjoy beautiful beaches and wildlife viewing in Oxnard.

California is famous for its quality relaxation spots, and Oxnard is usually a place people pass through on their way to Channel Islands, a national park archipelago teeming with wildlife and natural beauty, just an hour drive from Los Angeles along the coastline. You can take a boat to see dolphins around these islands. And don’t forget to explore the downtown area of Oxnard, with its traditional houses, churches, and neat streets. To fully relax, try staying at Homewood Suites, the highest-rated accommodation in Oxnard.

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