7 Castle Hotels near French Vineyards

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Enjoying wine at its place of origin brings a special feeling, whether it’s because of the vast vineyards, rich history, or thousands of years of cultivation on that land. It could also be due to the unique characteristics and stories of the wineries themselves, especially in France, where wine-producing regions are famous for their grand castles amidst vineyards, many of which have been converted into luxurious hotels.

Château de Valmer – La Croix-Valmer

To get a sense of the surroundings at Château de Valmer, imagine palm trees, sea breeze, and a cool glass of Côtes de Provence rosé. This seaside mansion has everything you expect from a 5-star resort: spa services, a private beach, and a Michelin-starred restaurant. You can split your time between relaxing by the sea and exploring the countryside, strolling through vineyards, vegetable gardens, and ancient hilltop towns.

La Chartreuse du Bignac – Saint-Nexans

La Chartreuse du Bignac is situated on a hill surrounded by cherry trees and gently sloping vineyards. This location is in the heart of Bergerac, a region renowned for its rich, full-bodied red wines and fruity white wines. Don’t forget to stop by the hotel’s wine shop to taste some of the finest wines of the region. In addition, the small library, stone fireplace, and 12th-century vaulted wine cellars add to the elegance of the countryside.

Château du Tertre – Arsac

Red wine lovers will be delighted with this location, as the Margaux vineyards produce some of the best red wines in Bordeaux. Château du Tertre stands proudly amidst this landscape. Built in 1865, the building still retains its architectural value, with exposed beams and French oak ceilings. You can visit the wine cellars and wander around the estate, admiring the beauty of the vineyards and tasting the local grape varieties.

Hostellerie du Château des Fines Roches – Châteauneuf-du-Pape

Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a famous red wine known for its ripe fruit flavors, and what better place to enjoy it than outside its homeland. Overlooking the vineyards in the region is Château des Fines Roches. In the past, this 19th-century castle was the residence of Count Baroncelli and hosted many poets from Provence. Today, it is a place to relax with wine, such as sunbathing, dining on the terrace, and swimming in the pool below the towers.

Château de Mercuès – Mercuès

The Cahors vineyard is known for producing a rich, deep red wine made from the Malbec grape variety. Such a richly flavored wine also has a unique history: Cahors bishops once resided at Château de Mercuès in the 13th century, with views of the vineyard. This castle is now a 4-star hotel with a swimming pool nestled among rows of cypress trees.

Domaine de Verchant Relais & Châteaux – Montpellier

The architecture of Domaine de Verchant Relais & Châteaux embodies the splendor of southern France, with 200-year-old white stone walls, orange-tiled roofs, and shady verandas. This impressive villa also has a cellar containing 10,000 bottles of wine. This is an area known for its fresh, tangy white wines, which pair perfectly with the hotel’s Mediterranean cuisine.

Château de Berne – Lorgues

At the end of a small road, deep in the Provence countryside, is a grand 18th-century estate. Specifically, this grand estate is located in Lorgues, the oldest wine-growing region in Provence, famous for its light pink wine and full-bodied reds with a spicy, rich flavor. In addition to wine tours and sightseeing activities, you can relax at the large spa area, dine at the Michelin-starred restaurant, stroll through olive groves, or rent a car to explore more places in the area.

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