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How to sleep well on an airplane?

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Domestic flights usually last an average of 2-3 hours, but there are long journeys that require sitting on a plane for 5-10 hours, plus the time zone difference.. Just thinking about it makes you tired, so how can you sleep well on an airplane?
What should you prepare to help you sleep well on an airplane?
Prepare items such as a few favorite books, a music player, headphones, earplugs, a travel pillow, and an eye mask. All of these things, although small, can be very helpful. They will help you have the most comfortable space to get a good sleep, in a cramped space.

Limit the use of electronic devices before going to bed. Science has proven that blue light emitted from phones can make it harder for you to sleep.
Comfortable clothing also affects a good sleep on the plane.
To answer the question “how to sleep well on the plane”, clothing also plays a fairly important role. Although wearing nice clothes to attract everyone’s attention is correct. But if on flights lasting more than 10 hours, choosing the most comfortable clothes for you is still better, right?
If you are worried about not having nice clothes to check in on the tour. You can choose to change clothes as soon as the plane lands, right?
Adjust the seat position for the most comfortable:
Leaning your seat all the way back also helps you get a good sleep on the plane. However, to be polite, please ask the opinion of the person sitting behind you.

Except for takeoff, landing, and meal times. The flight attendant will ask you to straighten your seat for safety. For the remaining time, just relax and stretch out.
What to do to sleep well on the plane?
Turn your neck pillow instead of leaving it behind your neck. This helps your neck relax more. And also not painful or tangled when you stretch forward.

Create a comfortable footrest with carry-on luggage. This is also a small tip that keeps you from getting numb when sitting for too long.
Stay away from light, turn off personal lights. Or for daytime flights, close the window.
You can usesleeping pills for support:
If you are a person who has difficulty sleeping and all the above solutions are not effective, then use sleeping pills. But please consult your doctor’s opinion first. Don’t use them on your own. And only apply for long flights.

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