Romantic getaways for those who don’t like romance

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For those who are in love but allergic to all things “sappy,” planning a romantic weekend getaway can be a challenging task. To rescue you, here are some “no-frills” destinations for couples who don’t like romance.

Naples, Italy

Pompeii at the foot of Mount Vesuvius

Located at the foot of Mount Vesuvius, Pompeii was the site of one of the most devastating volcanic eruptions in history. Just by walking through the streets of this ancient Roman city, you can feel the destruction of nature, with its terrible power sweeping through once-rich lands now reduced to ruins.

This is not a romantic destination but an opportunity to experience history like no other. After a long day of exploration, you can enjoy an intimate dinner at Home Max. Whether it’s the flickering candlelight or the glowing sunset, it’s all up to you.

Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo skyline

If you want to avoid all things sappy, a country with a “anti-love protest” seems like a safe choice. Even if you have no intention of joining the protest, Tokyo is still an ideal “unromantic” destination with plenty of options to suit anyone’s taste and interests.

After a day of shopping, eating, and sightseeing, you can sit back and relax with a good book in the quiet space of Book and Bed. Or spend the evening at the Park Hyatt Tokyo, the setting of the must-see film before traveling to Japan – Lost in Translation.

Anglesey, Wales

Puffin Island in Wales

Wales is another “less romantic” destination than the rest of the world. The Welsh honor Saint Dwynwen, the patron saint of love, on January 25, making it an ideal destination for “escaping” on Valentine’s Day for those who are fed up with romance.

Travelers who want to completely eliminate all symbols of love such as flowers and hearts will surely love Anglesey. Anglesey is the largest island in Wales, with countless impressive historical landmarks and surrounded by beautiful ocean scenery. If you want to go a little further, Puffin Island is just a short boat ride away.

Rotorua, New Zealand

Whakarewarewa Valley of Te Puia in New Zealand

The smell of sulfur throughout Rotorua is the reason why this special destination is nicknamed the “Sulfur City,” but the 30m high Pohutu Geyser is also a unique point of Maori culture. You can visit the Whakarewarewa Valley of Te Puia to see the boiling mud pool and witness the eruption of the geysers.

While the eruption phenomena are an impressive sight, if you want to stay far from the sulfur area, book a few nights at these apartments and fully enjoy the experience in the hot mineral pool.

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