Top 10 Most Expensive Tourist Destinations in the World

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Tourism is one of the key economic sectors in most countries around the world. Below is a list of the top 10 countries that attract the majority of tourists, with millions of visitors each year.


It is not surprising that France tops this list of top 10 destinations. The country is a romantic and attractive destination that draws millions of visitors each year, with an estimated 85 million tourists. With unique landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame Cathedral, Mont Saint Michel, and countless other attractions, France has a lot to offer. In addition, France is famous for its delicious pastries such as apple tart and croissants, with unique flavors that make visitors want to come back again and again. The country also has quaint and picturesque rural towns with hospitable people, creating an inexplicable allure for anyone who sets foot in France.

United States

Coming in second on this list is the United States, with its strong economy and military, making it a highly sought-after destination for tourists. With many awe-inspiring natural wonders, unique cultural and historic cities, and numerous iconic landmarks, the US has plenty to offer. Visitors can see the Statue of Liberty, visit Hollywood, explore Washington D.C., try their luck in Las Vegas, and experience the vibrancy of Los Angeles. There are many reasons why the US attracts up to 70 million visitors each year.


When it comes to Spain, one cannot help but think of the exhilarating bullfights. Tourists can immerse themselves in vast plains, lush green meadows, or majestic mountainside ranges. They can enjoy dreamy beaches or get lost in the charming ancient cities with their unique architecture. The Sagrada Familia CathedralPark Guell, and the unusual Casa Battlo building are just a few of the many attractions that draw travelers to Spain. Each year, Spain welcomes around 61 million visitors.


With a history spanning thousands of years, China boasts meticulously crafted imperial palaces, unique traditional culture, and world-renowned landmarks, such as the Great Wall and the mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. Its exotic cuisine features various types of dumplings, hot pots, and more. The rugged highlands and picturesque beaches basking in the sun have helped China to become a leader in the tourism industry, attracting a considerable number of visitors, with around 56 million tourists each year.


For a long time, Italy has been a favorite destination for all types of tourists. The country has it all, from natural landscapes to ancient heritage. Its ancient architecture, delectable cuisine, and romantic cities like Rome and Venice are just a few of the many attractions that keep visitors coming back. Italy is like a small world that visitors want to explore endlessly. It attracts around 48 million tourists each year.


About 40 million tourists visit this city every year. Istanbul – the city with ancient beauty, is called the cultural capital of Europe. Istanbul alone attracts up to 15 million visitors to Turkey. There are many famous attractions here to attract tourists.


When visiting Germany, tourists can admire the ancient beauty of the capital city of Berlin, or visit other beautiful cities such as Hamburg and Munich. One factor that makes Germany so attractive to tourists is the unique and lively beer festivals held throughout the country. Therefore, the average number of tourists visiting this country each year is up to 33 million.

United Kingdom

Not only the luxurious capital city of London, but also the romantic and picturesque landscapes in Wales and Scotland are attractive features of the United Kingdom. The Manchester city stadium is a must-visit destination for football fans. All of these factors attract up to 31.7 million visitors to the UK each year.


As the largest country in the world, Russia always surprises tourists. With a magnificent Moscow, which has experienced over 800 years of heroic history, a St. Petersburg that owns the only World Cultural Heritage Site with colorful dome-shaped churches, a majestic Siberia, and the vast Lake Baikal, the Winter Palace and the Summer Palace are places that must be visited when setting foot in this beautiful country. Approximately 30 million tourists visit Russia each year, which is not surprising given what this country has to offer.


Last on this list is Thailand. Friendly people, affordable prices, diverse cuisine, unique culture, and the beauty of ancient temples and romantic Pattaya beaches are some of the things people often mention about Thailand. These factors have attracted up to 27 million tourists each year. This is the only Southeast Asian country on the list of the world’s top tourist destinations.

With the list above, tourists can choose an ideal travel destination for themselves and their families for this summer. You can also refer to some of our European tours to have the best experience.

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