Which country should I travel to in December?

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As the end of the year approaches, people increasingly want to relax and explore new destinations. If you haven’t found an answer to the question “Which country should I travel to in December?” yet, let us suggest some options for you.

Japan – the first suggestion for the question “Which country should I travel to in December?”
Traveling to Japan in December is a suitable time for shopping and experiencing the New Year’s atmosphere of the Japanese people. Additionally, you will feel the romance of the land of cherry blossoms covered in white snow.

It can be said that December is the most vibrant time of the year in this beautiful country of Japan. Companies organize parties to say goodbye to the old year (Bonenkai) and shopping in commercial areas and stores.

Furthermore, when you come to Japan in December, you will see everywhere, from inside to outside. Parks, shrines, shopping areas, etc. Everywhere is decorated brightly. The Illuminations light festival is also one of them.

Chichibu Night Festival (December 2-3), Saitama Prefecture
When you come to Saitama Prefecture and have the opportunity to spend the night in Chichibu city, you will witness a commemorative festival here. With large parade floats, mikoshi (mobile Shinto shrines), and rare winter hanabi (fireworks display).

If in Vietnam there is a “Tat Nien”party to say goodbye to the old year, then in Japan, they call the “forget the old year” parties Bonenkai. These parties are organized by companies every December.

Kasuga Wakamiya Festival (December 15-18)
A festival consisting of a parade of nearly 500 people in Heian period costumes with traditional music. Established about 800 years ago, the Kasuga Wakamiya Festival lasts for 4 days. So if you have the opportunity to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, join them.

Skiing in Japan
As mentioned above, this time in Japan is the beginning of winter and the end of autumn. It will be an impressive experience for tourists. Tourist areas in Hokkaido usually start first. With sparkling lights and white snow, it will make you very excited.

South Korea – the next answer to the question “Which country should I travel to in December?”
Although winter is not an ideal time to travel, it is an opportunity for you to have new experiences in this land of kimchi.

Outdoor ice skating:
December is the time when snow covers the mountains and hills across South Korea. Therefore, figure skating is one of the experiences “not to try, not to return” when coming here in December.

Enjoy street food in South Korea:

Find a roadside eatery or turn into bustling marketplaces. Wearing thick coats and enjoying hot dishes such as skewered fish cakes, Tokbokki, or fragrant grilledmeat plates… Try 1-2 glasses of Soju :”> Just thinking about it makes you crave it.

Visit Everland Park:

One of the top 10 attractive parks in the world. Here, they have special entertainment games for winter. The giant snow slide area will be waiting for you in December when traveling to South Korea.

Khu công viên phức hợp Everland

Pyeongchang Ice Fishing Festival:
Taking place from December 22 to February 5 every year, each member will choose a suitable location to fish. Tourists can also “take home” their own catch.

In addition, you can also hunt for winter accessories and clothes. Extremely “bargain” at shopping areas. Or soak in Spavis hot springs, admire the snow-covered Namsan Tower, or the romantic Nami Island.

The third option for the question: “Which country should I travel to in December?”
Maldives will be the third answer that we want to suggest to you. As one of the paradise resorts, it still attracts a large number of tourists every year. “Golden sunshine, blue sea, and fresh climate” describe Maldives.

Not only is it a favorite destination for romantic honeymoons for couples, but also for Vietnamese people in particular and international tourists in general. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, warm sea, and calm waves, combined with a temperature of around 20-23oC. It will be an answer that you should consider for the question of which country to travel to in December.

The finalsuggestion for the question “Which country should I travel to in December?” is Australia.
December is the beginning of summer in Australia, so it is an ideal time for beach activities and outdoor adventures. You can visit famous beaches such as Bondi Beach or Surfers Paradise, enjoy water sports such as surfing, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

In addition to beach activities, you can also explore the natural wonders of Australia such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, or the Blue Mountains National Park. December is also the time for festivals and events such as the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, the Falls Music and Arts Festival, or the Woodford Folk Festival.

Moreover, December is the holiday season in Australia, so you can enjoy the festive atmosphere and celebrations with locals. Christmas in Australia is a unique experience with barbecues, outdoor picnics, and beach parties.

In conclusion, there are many options for you to consider when deciding which country to travel to in December. Japan, South Korea, Maldives, and Australia are some of the destinations that offer unique experiences and attractions during this time of the year. It ultimately depends on your preferences, budget, and travel style.

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