Santorini – a must-visit paradise once in a lifetime

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With its distinctive cobalt blue domes and colorful walls stretching along the Aegean coast, Santorini – the island of Greek gods, has created an irresistible attraction. Santorini has long been known as a popular tourist destination in Greece, with its towering cliffs embracing the coast and unique architecture that sets it apart from any other place.

The enchanting allure of Santorini
Impressive shades of blue

Santorini is a beautiful island located in the southern Aegean Sea, about 200 km southeast of mainland Greece. The island is circular in shape and is the remnant of an inactive volcanic caldera. The architecture of houses in Santorini is very unique and can be said to be unparalleled in Europe.

All the architectural structures in Santorini are characteristic of the color white.

The charm of Santorini lies not only in the Greek mythology stories told from generation to generation but also in the combination of the philosophy of life, harmonizing between nature and human beings. The pure white shades combined with the charming cobalt blue and the peaceful beauty of the sunset on the beach.

In Santorini, houses are stacked step by step along the mountainside, creating a unique beauty for this land. All the structures in Santorini are built uniformly with arched architecture and symmetrical windows.

Travel guide to Santorini solo

And if you have the opportunity to set foot in Santorini, solo travelers will feel like they have lost themselves in paradise, as in front of you are painted white buildings, from churches, houses to hotels, restaurants… all standing out against the ocean and the deep blue sky, making tourists hesitant to leave.

In addition to the harmonious overall view with pure white and gentle blue, the houses in Santorini still have their own unique beauty. With doorways having some unique variations, painted with red, orange, purple, yellow, lightly adorned around the edges of the doors, awnings, or on romantic balconies facing the sea.

Travel itinerary to Santorini solo

In addition to the artificial architecture, Santorini also owns a special blue color of the sea and sky. From the white balconies, tourists can freely admire the unique beauty of the sea and sky of Santorini: the color of the sea changes according to the sunlight during the day, sometimes light blue, sometimes sparkling in silver light, and sometimes turning orange tinted with sunset. But what makes tourists always love Santorini is that no matter what color the beach is, the water in Santorini is always clear.

“Paradise” for couples

Oia village is the best spot to watch the beautiful sunset on Santorini island. This is also ratedas one of the most beautiful photo spots in the world by foreign tourists. When the last rays of sunlight of the afternoon fade away, it is also the time when the beautiful sunset scene appears.

All worries disappear into oblivion when admiring the sky slowly turning into shades of orange, purple, gradually turning pink all over the scenery, the houses, windmills on the island, and then sinking into the sea with the color of deep blue. Because the sunset scene in Santorini is so romantic and sweet, many people believe that this island is the closest place to paradise.

In addition, when visiting Santorini, Greece, tourists should not forget to try the famous high-quality wine that is famous worldwide for Santorini only. This beautiful island owns one of the best grape varieties in Europe and is entirely processed from natural ingredients. There are also few places that have invested in a wine museum as large as the wine museum in Santorini. Take the time to visit Mesa Gonia Village, tourists will have the opportunity to visit and enjoy the famous wine of the Roussos family.

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