Sweet themed chocolate hotels

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It’s time to check-in to these sweet themed chocolate hotels and satisfy your sweet tooth!

Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel+Spa in Merida, Mexico

Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel in Merida

The Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel is as sweet as its candy pink color. To enter the hotel, you have to walk through a chocolate shop and can sample chocolates at the tequila bar (yes, they have chocolate-flavored tequila!) or you can pamper yourself with a “chocolate spa treatment” and then soak in the outdoor tub.

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel in Bournemouth, United Kingdom

The Chocolate Boutique Hotel in Bournemouth

This seaside UK resort in Bournemouth has two chocolate-themed hotels owned by a chocolate-loving family. The Chocolate Boutique Hotel was the first to open, with “choco-weekends” and chocolate workshops, ensuring guests never lack for chocolate. It’s no surprise that this quirky and charming accommodation is highly popular.

The Chocolate Box Hotel in Bournemouth, United Kingdom

The Chocolate Box Hotel in Bournemouth

Inspired by the success of The Chocolate Boutique, this chocolate-loving family opened their second chocolate hotel in Bournemouth – The Chocolate Box. While the first hotel focused on luxury and passion, The Chocolate Box is simply a place to indulge in maximum joy. With chocolate parties for children, themed tasting rooms, and unlimited chocolate buffets on Sundays, this is a great and ideal hotel for families.

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat in Soufrière, St. Lucia.

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat in Soufrière

The stunning Soufrière rainforest is reason enough to book a few nights at this stylish boutique hotel, but there’s also A LOT of chocolate here! At Boucan by Hotel Chocolat, you can enjoy a super view of the Piton volcano while indulging in cocoa-based spa treatments. Plus, chocolate and prosecco are always on hand when you want to sip and snack!

Hotel Fabrica do Chocolate in Minho, Portugal

Hotel Fabrica do Chocolate in Minho

A stay at Hotel Fabrica do Chocolate includes free admission to the Chocolate Museum in Minho, although you may not need it as the entire hotel is almost decorated in a chocolate theme. The interior design is inspired by chocolate, the menu revolves around chocolate, the workshops revolve around chocolate, and the spa also has a chocolate-based treatment style called Chocotherapy. Almost everything here is related to this beloved candy.

Old Chocolate Factory in Gran Canaria, Spain

Old Chocolate Factory in Gran Canaria

Despite its name, the chocolate theme at the Old Chocolate Factory is quite gentle. The hotel is located in a 19th-century factory building with high ceilings and intricate iron decorations, reminiscent of a delicious chocolate cake rather than a chocolate bar. However, breakfast includes chocolate dishes, and you can easily catch a whiff of cocoa in the air as you wander through the brick courtyard.

Etruscan Chocohotel in Perugia, Italy

Etruscan Chocohotel in Perugia

A chocolate hotel is a common thing compared to Etruscan Chocohotel. This accommodation in Perugia has beds designed to look like chocolate bars and chocolate-themed decorations in each room. Each guest is given a selection of chocolates upon arrival, the entrance has a bathtub filled with chocolate, and the breakfast buffet includes a chocolate fondue tower.

Three Ways House in Chipping Campden, United Kingdom

Three Ways House in Chipping Campden

The beautiful village of Chipping Campden has been voted the best place to enjoy tea in England and it’s also home to one of the UK’s favorite chocolate hotels. Three Ways House is praised for its cozy atmosphere and attention to detail from the host, but the hotel’s small bar is the sweet spot for tourists. The quintessentially English restaurant is where the famous Pudding Club event is held – an evening celebrating the excellence of classic desserts (and of course, they are often made of chocolate).

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