Sweet themed chocolate hotels

It’s time to check-in to these sweet themed chocolate hotels and satisfy your sweet tooth! Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel+Spa in Merida, Mexico Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel in Merida The Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel is as sweet as its candy pink color. To enter the hotel, you have to walk through a chocolate […]

5 Amazing Food Festivals Around the World

Indulge in menus from the world’s best restaurants, pocket some cooking tips while watching famous chefs showcase their talents, and mingle with foodies from all over the world at these top 5 food festivals: Taste of London, United Kingdom Taste festivals have popped up in Cape Town, Hong Kong, and many places around the world, but the […]

Guide for vegetarian travelers in the Middle East

Vegetarian cuisine in the Middle East is growing at an incredible pace. Here are some highly rated vegetarian destinations that are worth a visit for global travelers. Tel Aviv Enjoy a smorgasbord-style vegetarian buffet in Tel Aviv The food culture in Tel Aviv is truly “1-0-2”. Fresh ingredients, diverse traditional culinary culture, and a new generation of […]

4 Most Thrilling Travel Experiences in the World

Snow Hunting in HokkaidoMeet Julie Niewenhuys, a recruitment team leader at and a Dutch journalist specializing in skiing, who loves to explore the world’s best snow-laden and high-quality ski resorts. Together with her travel companion, photographer Caroline, Julie has been skiing at the world’s best ski resorts for the past few years. The duo met five years ago when […]

Travel the World with Resort Parks

Surrounded by stunning landscapes and modern amenities, here is a list of the most popular resort parks on each continent. Africa Mount Noah Lodge in Western Cape, South AfricaMount Noah Lodge in Western Cape Mount Noah Lodge is a cluster of refurbished houseboats docked in Oudtshoorn, South Africa. You will need to ask the boat owners […]

The Best Apartments on Each Continent

From being able to do laundry to cooking dinner in a fully-equipped kitchen, feeling comfortable as if you were at home can make a difference when you’re traveling around the world. Whatever your needs may be for your trip, we have found the best self-catering apartments on each continent, based on the opinions of travelers […]

6 Most Peaceful Beaches in the World

Unless your profession is a professional surfer or scuba diver, a relaxing day at the beach is quite rare in your everyday life.Therefore, a beach vacation is one of the best choices for you to completely relax, and here are 6 of the most peaceful beaches, based on global tourist reviews. Mangawhai, New ZealandMangawhai Estuary […]

7 Most Unique Beaches in England

England’s beaches are not just rocky shores in the rain and wind; the United Kingdom has thousands of miles of coastline with diverse landscapes, so you can find white sandy beaches with sparkling blue water right in England. Prepare for surprises with tropical beach scenery at England’s most unique beaches. Porthcurno Beach, Cornwall Is this an island in Greece or […]