9 dishes that make Japanese people nostalgic for their homeland

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For some Japanese people, simple dishes that are associated with childhood memories become a sacred corner in their hearts, so that every time they see or taste them, they feel like they’re reliving the happiest times of their lives. A trip to Japan, booking a hotel room in Tokyo or a guest room in Kyoto, will take you to discover the life and special cultural and culinary values of the Land of the Rising Sun. Here are some traditional dishes that are familiar to any Japanese person:

  1. Baby Castella Cake

The first sweet cake introduced to the shores of Japan in the 16th century, originating from Portugal, is a favorite of all children. The cute shape and alluring scent of Baby Castella cake makes children unable to resist. The image of a group of children surrounding the cake stand, waiting for each batch of hot cakes to come out of the oven, is a common sight in Japan after school hours.

  1. Japanese Curry Rice

Unlike the strong flavor of curry in India and Southeast Asia, Japanese curry has a lighter and sweeter taste, so Japanese people often add mashed apples or honey when cooking. For Japanese mothers, curry rice is a great source of nutrition for their beloved children, especially those who don’t like vegetables. Another great point is that this dish is quick to make and stays hot for a longtime.

  1. Omurice – Japanese Rolled Omelette Rice

Just rice rolled in fried egg slices, with vegetables, seaweed, or meat added. But why is this dish so special? It’s the love of mothers who skillfully wrap each rice roll neatly and beautifully, with various colors, looking incredibly delicious and definitely nutritious. For many people, this is truly an artwork that contains the boundless love of Japanese mothers for their children.

  1. Taiyaki Red Bean Cake

In Japanese, Taiyaki is the name of a type of fish that is delicious when grilled. Taiyaki red bean cake is different, it’s just a cake baked in the shape of a fish. This cake, besides its cute appearance, also attracts children with its sweet red bean or rich and creamy egg custard filling.

  1. Shaved Ice Kakigori

Unlike Japanese cuisine in general, this dish couldn’t be simpler, with shaved ice and fruit syrup. After playing and sweating, Japanese children rush to Kakigori to cool off with smooth and cold shaved ice mixed with sweet fruit syrup. Although parents don’t always approve of their children eating this dish, kids always beg for a taste of Kakigori.

  1. Skewered Dango Cake

A snack that is both savory and sweet, Skewered Dango cake is found everywhere, especially in crowded children’s areas. The most popular type is Mitarashi Dango with a coating of delicious sugar and soybean paste. Nowadays, skewered cakes have become a popular snack for all ages and are loved by tourists.

  1. Corn Soup

The creamy, fragrant, and sweet taste of corn soup attracts all diners, especially children. It is usually served as an appetizer in Japanese restaurants, but people are advised not to eat too much because it can make them too full to enjoy other dishes.

  1. Grilled Sweet Potato Yaki-imo

This is perhaps the simplest dish for both children and adults. The beautiful golden color, tantalizing aroma, and sweet taste of Japanese sweet potato satisfy all senses of children from the moment it comes out of the oven. This is truly a popular winter dish, something to warm up the belly and hands while shivering against the cold air.

  1. Hayashi Rice

Hayashi Rice may not be the most visually appealing dish, but for most Japanese children, it is one of the most beloved dishes. It is also a mixed rice dish, with ingredients including meat broth, beef, and vegetables cooked together. While curry rice has a spicy taste, Hayashi Rice is almost always sweet, easy to enjoy, and filling.

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