Why You Should Visit Hungary Right Now ??

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From the beautiful city of Budapest to the ancient villages and stunning landscapes, Hungary is a destination that offers a rich mix of attractions for visitors. Hungary’s cities and towns are home to well-preserved classical historical landmarks, buildings influenced by different cultures, including Turkish architecture and Italian Renaissance style.

Nestled beside the serene Danube River, Hungary is one of the most attractive destinations in the world with the capital city of Budapest and many unique landmarks. Hungary has an inexplicable attraction that makes anyone who has visited want to return, not just once. The 5 exciting experiences in Hungary that Vietnam Booking shares below will make you want to pack your bags and hit the road.

Check-in at the magnificent Buda Castle

Upon first sight of the spectacular Buda Castle in Budapest, you’ll understand why Budapest is called the “Paris of the East”. Buda Castle is a beautiful historical landmark that represents a turning point for the city – recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site – ranking alongside Versailles in its grandeur and unique design.

Located on the site of the palace destroyed in the siege of 1686, the Buda Castle complex comprises over 200 rooms built in the 18th century for the Habsburg monarchy. The castle is arranged symmetrically with a central dome 61 meters high facing the Danube River, providing a superb spot for sightseeing.

Admire the Danube River – the lifeline of Europe

TheDanube River flows through Hungary from north to south, passing through Budapest and dividing the city into two parts. From the Freedom Bridge, a favorite spot of locals and foreign tourists alike, you can enjoy the romantic sunset view of the river against the backdrop of Buda Castle. Another great place to admire this majestic river is Danube Bend, one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country.

The river winds through the Visegrad Mountains, with lush vegetation, before turning sharply south towards Budapest. The Danube River is an ideal destination for nature lovers and those who want to explore the culture of the riverside area.

Take in the scenery of Tihany village on Lake Balaton

Tihany is one of the most famous resorts on Lake Balaton, a small island of about 8 km2 with the most beautiful scenery in Hungary. Currently, it is a nature reserve area, with the southwestern part prohibiting traffic activities. When visiting Hungary, you can hike along the trails to explore the beauty of nature.

A must-visit landmark in Tihany is the Benedictine monastery from the 17th century with a beautiful view of the lake and surrounding area, especially in spring when cherry blossoms bloom and in summer with a vibrant lavender field. From the monastery, walk to the inner harbor area with mooring lines, passenger ships, and a comfortable space along the lakeshore.

Explore the enchanting Lillafüred Caves

Lillafüred is famousfor its many beautiful caves. Some of the most interesting caves to explore are Istvan with its wonderful rock formations and the Petofi cave, famous worldwide for its almost extinct plant species. To wander and adventure more, you can take the trail to the Szeleta cave with ice age relics or take a ride on the narrow-gauge railway through the rugged terrain of the Lillafüred mountain forest.

Apart from these, when traveling to Hungary, you can also visit other attractive destinations such as the old town of Sopron, Eger Castle, St. Peter’s Church, and the Visegrad Royal Palace.

In conclusion, Hungary is a fascinating destination that offers a range of attractions for visitors. From well-preserved historical landmarks to stunning natural landscapes, Hungary has something for everyone. The experiences mentioned above are just a few of the many reasons why you should visit Hungary right now. So don’t hesitate to pack your bags and embark on an adventure to this incredible destination.

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