5 of the most unusual library hotels in the world

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From the peaceful and quiet space to the scent of mixed paper and characteristic oak wood, the library world is like a magnet attracting the hearts of book lovers. There is a common point that makes people who love libraries gather from all over the world – an endless love for books. It’s sad that traditional libraries don’t have beds, but the good news is that there are many hotels designed around books. We have selected five of the most unique library hotels in the world, where you can embrace your favorite books and indulge in reading, regardless of the passing time.

Library Hotel, New York, USA

Wall shelves full of books at Library Hotel in New York

New York offers countless things to explore, but after a long day of sightseeing, choosing to read a good book can be an ideal way to relax. Library Hotel has ten floors, with each floor representing a category of the Dewey Decimal Classification system – the most widely used method for classifying books in libraries. In addition, all rooms have plenty of books on the corresponding topics, from natural science to philosophy. You can enjoy breakfast with bagels, muffins, and a fresh orange juice while indulging in your favorite novel. Alternatively, you can head up to the Writer’s Den on the 14th floor, where cocktails inspired by literary works are served with a panoramic view of the city.

The Library, Koh Samui, Thailand

A paradise for book lovers awaits at The Library

If The Library were a book, it would surely be one of the bestsellers. This stylish beachfront hotel in Koh Samui invites you to relax and read a book amidst the sound of the sea waves all day long. Inside the hotel, you’ll find The Lib, an elegant white space with plenty of popular book collections. In addition, the outdoor Red Pool – named after its vibrant red mosaic tiles – provides a refreshing space amidst hours of reading.

The Alcove Library, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The Alcove Library is the best hideout in Ho Chi Minh City to bury your head in books

Book lovers seeking a hideout in the bustling heart of Ho Chi Minh City will appreciate this elegant library. The spacious lobby of The Alcove Library Hotel features tall wooden shelves filled with books, with each room designed around a theme of fictional novels. Head up to the top floor and order a delicious French-style toasted sandwich with homemade yogurt at the Bookmark restaurant. The customer service at The Alcove is also exceptional. The staff is very friendly, and they even take the time to read a good story before you go to bed.

Book And Bed Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Curl up with a novel at Book And Bed Tokyo

Tsundoku is a Japanese term that refers to the act of buying a book but not reading it, stacking it in a corner with other books that share the same fate. Fortunately, Book And Bed in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro district has never neglected a novel. Here, beds are designed to combine with bookshelves so that guests can indulge in reading until they fall asleep. Although the accommodation does not sell books, the lobby area has plenty of English and Japanese-language books and impressive comic book collections.

Hotel Not Hotel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hidden rooms at Hotel Not Hotel are like stepping into a novel

True to its name, Hotel Not Hotel contains everything you could not imagine in one accommodation. Located in western Amsterdam, you’ll find plenty of books in the hotel lobby, designed in a chic style, with creatively converted rooms from electric cars, printing houses, and high-roofed huts (crow’s nests). Try exploring the surfaces as this hotel has many secret spots to discover. Hidden behind five bookshelves are rooms with one-way mirrors and paintings. This allows bookworms to look out to know when it’s safe to step out of their mysterious hiding place.

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