Admire 3 Snowy Destinations in Vietnam

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If, in the past, admiring snow in Vietnam was seen as a luxurious thing for many people, nowadays, with the phenomenon of cold weather leading to snowfall in many areas in the Northwest, the dream of touching white snow is partly fulfilled for many young people.

Sapa (Lao Cai)

Located about 30km from the center of Lao Cai city, Sapa is a well-known tourist destination, with an ideal height of 1,500 – 1,800m above sea level. When winter comes, along with the cold temperature in the North, Sapa enters the days of extreme cold; even the place is covered in white snow. The snowflakes that we used to only see on TV or through expensive tours can now be reached within around 300km.

These days, it’s highly likely that Sapa will have snowfall, so many tourists have flocked to Sapa to wait for the feeling of “European winter”.

Not every area in Sapa has a lot of snow, but you can witness white snow falling on cold days on the top of Fansipan, O Quy Ho Pass, Silver Waterfall, Hoang Lien Son Mountain… in the majestic mountainous landscape. Don’t forget to check-in with sparkling pictures with the dominant white color that everyone dreams of.

Mau Son (Lang Son)

Many people often think of Sapa first on snowy days butforget the mountainous area with the coldest climate in Vietnam – Mau Son peak (Lang Son province). At an altitude of 800 – 1,000m, when the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius, the houses in this area are completely covered with white snow, making the scenery unbelievably beautiful.

Tourists come here not only to sightsee and admire the snow, but also to sit around a warm fire, enjoy a glass of Mau Son wine with the local people, and taste highland specialties such as six-legged chicken, fragrant frogs, roasted pigs… which are delicious and cannot be found anywhere else.

One of the favorite experiences in Mau Son is soaking in the Red Dao medicinal water. Tourists soak themselves in warm hot tubs, relax, and inhale the fragrant herbal scent, which can dispel the coldness of the highlands.

Phia Oac, Cao Bang

Another destination where snow falls in winter that few people know about is Phia Oac mountain (Nguyen Binh district) – the roof of Cao Bang province. The last time snow fell on Phia Oac peak was around the end of November when the temperature dropped low, the forests, mountains, and everything around were covered in white snowflakes, creating a fairy-tale-like scenery.

Although this place doesn’t usually have snowfall, if you’re lucky enough to visit on the right day, you can still admire the white snowflakescovering the roofs, dry branches, and sometimes even the whole forest.

If someone asks what is special about Phia Oac besides the snow, it’s really hard to find a beautiful scenery here. However, this mountain peak also concentrates on high-end resorts for soldiers and officers, and currently, some of the French villas are still preserved and almost intact. This place promises to be an interesting destination for young people in the future.

Seeing with your own eyes the snowflakes covering the mountain ranges, playing in the snow, and taking sparkling photos is something that any young person wants to do. Don’t hesitate anymore, book a ticket to the “Europe in Vietnam” areas to keep the beautiful moments of winter.

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